Our Legal Team will help you protect and preserve your home and property.  We will set up an appointment for you to meet one of our Legal Team members to discuss what they can do for you.
     The goal is to use legal procedures to help you keep your home from preditors who are trying to take it from you.
     They can also help you protect your property, such as an office building, and apartment building or any property you have a mortgage on.

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List of Some Legal Procedures and Documents

Affidavit Of /fraud
Affidavit Of Truth
Affirmative Defense
Amended Complaint 2nd
Amended Complaint 3rd
Amended Complaint
Case Management Statement CM-110
Consolidation Of Case
Correction Of Grant Deed
Debt Validation Declaration
Declaration—Article 3
Declaration—Under penalty of perjury
Demurrer And Answers
Dismissal Motion To Release Of Lis Pendens
Extension Of Time
Letter To Lender
Letter To Trustee
Lis Pendens and Notice Of Pendency Of Action
Mechanics Lien
Memorandum Of Points and Authorities
Motion Of Default
Motion To Compel
Motion To Discharge Lis Pendens
Motion To Reconsider
Motion To Stay Discovery
Motion To Strike
No Trespass Letter To Satisfy
Non-Monetary Status-Opposition
Notice And Demand (Court Filed)
Notice And Demand (Letter)
Notice Of Fault / Opportunity To Cure
Notice Of Intent To Preserve Interest
Notice Of Non Consent

Notice Of Remand
Notice Of Removal Of Civil Action
Notice Of Rescission
Notice Of Right To Cancel
Notice Of Suspension
Opposition Answer
Opposition Of Demurrer
Opposition Of Dismissal
Opposition To Judicial Notice
Order For Granting Recording
Order Property Profile
Order To Show Cause
Petition For Bankruptcy Dismissal
Proof Of Mailing
Proposed Order
Qualified Written Request (QWR)
Quiet Title
Request For Admission
Request For Document
Request For Full Reconveyance
Request For Injunction Relief
Request For Interrogatories / Answer To Interrogatories
Request For Investigation
Request For Productions Of Documents
Revoke Power Of Attorney
Securitization Bloomberg Audit,
Sherriff’s Objection To Eviction
Substitution Of Beneficiary
Substitution Of Trustee
Substitution Of Trustee
Trespass Adverse Possession
TRO—Temporary Restraining Order Injunction Relief
Vacate Unlawful Detainer Judgment
Vacate Void Judgment


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